Don’t let your business become another statistic.

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workers suffered a work related illness or injury
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work days were lost due to work related ill health
workers were killed in work-related accidents
Acumen Safety

We know how to keep your staff, your customers and your business safe.

We know that H&S law can feel complicated, and the costs never-ending. Our services are designed to bring our expertise to your business and help keep everyone safe while saving you time and money.

Bespoke documents

Our safety consultants work with you to make sure that your paperwork is fit for purpose and specific to your company

Safety clinic

Easily book a slot at our weekly safety clinic to chat to our consultants.

Rest assured

That your business meets the requirements of the law and that you have appointed a Competent Person to give you safety advice.

Health & Safety consultancy

Passionate about practical, proportionate health and safety solutions.

We have worked all over the world and seen firsthand what work environments without proper safety management can be like – and what can happen to the workers. We have also worked in areas that are over-managed, where too much the staff time is taken up writing documents and filling out forms.

Work with us

  • Appoint us as your Competent Person for safety advice

  • Approve your bespoke risk assessment and safety policy

  • Email or call us with any safety questions

  • Book training for your staff

Acumen Crane Lift
Why Acumen Safety

We believe that safety should be simple.

At Acumen Safety we know that you want to be a safe business that looks after its staff. In order to do that you need expert safety advice. The problem is that the legislation and guidance can feel overwhelming. We believe that safety should be simple. We understand the challenges of running a business and managing staff which is why we build simple, practical safety management systems for business.

  • 1
    We arrange a call to work through your business so we understand what you do and how you do it.
  • 2

    We create a safety management system and the documents to go with it.

  • 3
    We offer safety training for your staff.

So book a call with us so we can start working together. In the meantime, keep in touch via our mailing list so you can stop struggling with paperwork and be confident that your business and customers are safe.

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